Wiefferink installs world’s largest Combibag

Wiefferink is installing world’s largest combibag in the United Kingdom

This unique combibag has capacity of 16.000m³  We never had such a huge combibag. The combibag was placed in a lagoon with embankment.


Some specifications:

        Application                                      : Storage of liquid content & Gas

        Liquid content                                : Digestate

        Combibag dimensions                   : 84.38 m x 40.0m x 8.75 m. (excl. slope 2%)

        Shape                                                : Rectangular

        Storage capacity (liquid)               : ~16.000 m³ (incl. slope 2%)

        Storage capacity (gas)                   : ~2.500 m³ – 8.000m³

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