Innovative gas pressure safety valve

Wiefferink developed an new ‘dry’ gas pressure safety valve (stainless steel) suitable for a gas flow up to 1000m³/hr.

This unique designed valve works without a filling of water/glycol and any condensate that has been formed will be automatically drained from the safety valve.

Therefore the risk of freezing and thereby the chance of malfunctions is significant lower. A heating option is nevertheless available. The safety valve is made of Stainless Steel AISI316.

The safety device protects the gasholder against over- and under pressure inside the silo. The device  can be adjusted on the requested pressure in a range of -5.0 and +10.0 mbarg. With a connection of Ø250mm it is possible to realize a flow up to 1000m³/hr. without damaging the roof.



Using the service box, it is possible to gain easy access to the mixers without having to dismantle the membranes. Furthermore, the process in the tank will not be disturbed. Various connections to blowers, sensors, measuring equipment and a safety valve are fitted to the service box.

The servicebox is fastened on the upper edge of the silo.