Flexible liquid storage

The Flexitank is designed to store liquids: from clean water and fuels to wastewater, fire extinguishing water and liquid buffers for industrial use. It is a unique product that makes safe, durable storage of liquids possible in any location.


Storage for large volumes of water

Easily applicable

Available in standard volumes and client-specific sizes

Available in remote locations

Easy to transport when empty due to relatively small volume and low weight

Takes up just 2% of the maximum volume when empty

  • rainwater
  • drinking water
  • fire-extinguishing water
  • irrigation water 
  • wastewater

For storage of:

  • Edible oils
  • Fruit juices
  • Wine
  • Latex
  • Pharmaceutical liquids
  • Cleaning products
  • Fuels
  • De-icing fluid
  • Manure

Lifting loops

Hijslus voor flexitank

Filler cap with protective cover

Flexitank Dop


Doorsnede overzicht Flexitank

Flexible liquid storage

The Wiefferink flexitank (also known as pillowbag internationally) is suitable for both temporary and permanent storage. the advantages of a flexible installation over a permanent structure makes the flexitank ideal in countries where building permits or construction materials are difficult to acquire.

The Wiefferink Flexitank can be filled and emptied via lead-throughs. The product is ideal for connection to a filter system. The Flexitank concept is used in such places as Somalia, Pakistan and South Africa in this way, mainly in locations where drinking water cannot be offered in a regular manner.

Clean drinking water worldwide

The Flexitank is used by Dutch and international water companies for both emergency drinking water provision and regular drinking water supply. Wiefferink Flexitanks are also used at international sporting events, such as the soccer World Cup and European Cup and London 2012.
In cooperation with these companies and relief organisations, the Flexitank has been further developed and granted drinking water certification, FDA certification and UK WRAS certification. In order to supply the world’s citizens with clean drinking water, a fully-fledged, safe and durable drinking water system was created. Moreover, the Flexitank is easy to install on location and can be used immediately in case of emergency.

High-grade, certified materials

The Wiefferink Flexitank is manufactured for repeated use. We use high-grade materials that are extremely strong, light and flexible. These materials are thermally and high-frequency welded with care. The production method has been recorded in ISO documentation and certified by KIWA.

Flexitank for fuels and other liquids

Because the Flexitank can be made of special chosen flexible foil that is impermeable to certain liquids, it can be used to store manure, diesel, for example, or kerosene, de-icing fluid, liquid chemicals, fire-extinguishing water or wastewater.

Easy to transport

The small Flexitanks are extremely easy to transport in containers, pick-ups or flatbed trailers. Empty, the product takes up just 2% of its maximum volume. The Flexitank can be set up quickly and easily and it provides optimum protection for the liquid. This efficient liquid storage can be supplied in a variety of standard volumes (5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 m3) or in a custom size, up to 2000m³, entirely according
to your specifications.