Production site Oldenzaal NL

Wiefferink has a production site in Oldenzaal (NL) with an available floor area of approximately 5,500 m² spread over several halls. Our production engineers work on manufacturing our solutions on a daily basis. The foil is cut to size using an advanced cutting machine, after which various welding techniques are used to assemble the parts into a high-quality end product. Additional elements such as extra openings, valves, mixers, etc. are added. All solutions are carefully tested and inspected before they leave production. For this we have set up our own test room and quality programs. Wiefferink is Kiwa and ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Production site Poland

In Wykroty (PL), our production location is approximately 10,000 m² in floor space.
Wiefferink works as standard here in 2 shifts, but upscaling to 3 shifts is also possible.
The production process is completely identical with that in Oldenzaal. The big advantage of this location is that the production floor consists of one surface, which means that we are able to make very large foil constructions in a conditioned environment. The solutions are also carefully tested and inspected here before they leave production.

Fabriek Wiefferink in Polen