The Ecobag is a flexible storage for up to 10.500m3. It can be used, for example, as a storage option when spreading manure is not permitted or as a buffer for a biogas installation. The Ecobag is a low-cost investment with fast installation and a landscape-friendly appearance.


Large, semi-permanent storage that can be installed quickly

Simple permit process; sometimes notification is sufficient

Low investment costs

 Usage lifespan of approx. 10 to 15 years

The Ecobag includes

  • Flexible foil with very strong mechanical propertiesand high chemical resistance
  • Sufficient fastening points, straps and earth anchors
  • Vent pipes
  • Inspection opening with safety edge

Available options

  • Inspection opening with stainless steel hatch
  • Different foil colours, strengths and chemical resistances
  • Electric mixer
  • Power take-off mixer (under certain conditions)

Electro mixer

Ecobag electro mixer

Inspection openings witch safety edge

Ecobag inspectie opening

Ecobag piping parts

Ecobag piping parts

Environmentally friendly storage system for manure, digestate and other liquid waste flows

The ecobag is a system that Wiefferink has developed to store manure, digestate and other liquid waste flows in an odourless manner. The specially developed eco-green colour of the ecobag means it is hardly noticeable in the landscape. The storage system is easy to install, without an architectural construction, on most ground types.

Regulations and standards relating to spreading manure and storing manure and waste flows are becoming ever stricter.
In addition, the resistance against large, conspicuous, grey manure bags around villages and cities is also growing, due to the fear of odour nuisance and landscape pollution.
The Wiefferink Ecobag offers a solution to this.

Blends into the landscape

The Ecobag can be provided with a specially developed odour filter, with filters the gases released so that there can be no odour
nuisance. In order to blend into the landscape, an eco-green colour was developed in addition to grey.

No building permit necessary

No building permit is required because there is no permanent construction required. Depending on local legislation however it may be necessary to apply for an installation permit though sometimes simply notifying the authorities of the installation is sufficient.

Installation of the Ecobag

The Ecobag is installed within an earth bank, for which no supporting structure is necessary. In most cases, the Ecobag can simply be placed on the loose ground. The groundwork must satisfy the local standards for installing a manure basin. Wiefferink supplies the drawings for dimension of the groundwork. Before installation, our experts inspect the sizing and the situation at your location, so that we can complete the installation as quickly and effectively as possible, ready to use.

Additional options for the Ecobag include the patented odour filter and a mixer to keep the stored manure homogeneous.

Maintenance and lifespan

The Ecobag requires very little maintenance. Only the vent pipes and possibly the odour filters need to be checked for silting up.