Flexible gas storage, for both temporary and long-term gas storage

The gas buffer has been developed for the storage of various gas types. A gas buffer also enables the conditioning and mixing of the gas. The use of double membrane technology ensures a flexible gas storage volume. Our wide range of gas buffers provides for an efficient construction for the most diverse storage criteria and project objectives.


Storage of flexibel volume of gas (from 50 to 30.000m³)

Easily accessible service box

Complete installation including blower, gas inlet/outlet, pressure relief valves and sensors

Short delivery and installation periods

Implementation variants:

  • 1/2 Gas buffer 
  • 3/4 Gas buffer 
  • Gas buffer Cylinder/ Gasbag

Available options:

  • Ultrasonic height gauge
  • Condensation tank
  • Gas pressure sensor
  • Sight glass

Flexible gas storage, for both temporary and long-term gas storage

Wiefferink offers the right solution for any type of gas storage. The need for gas storage is projectspecific and usually depends on the gas production and the space available. Gas buffers can be used free-standing, but can also be installed in tanks, containers or buildings.

The type of foil of both the inner and outer membranes is selected depending on the type of gas and the gas storage location. The gas storage systems are suitable for products including (refined) biogas, (pure) CO2 and natural gas. A static analysis is a standard part of each project. Depending on the design a gas buffer can store up to 30.000m³.


The innovative design of the service box enables all connections to be above the ground and consequently simple to make. The blower, control unit and sensors also remain easily accessible during operation, so operating costs are very low. The service box is in 316 stainless steel, meaning weather influences have no impact on the technical installation.


High quality, certified materials

The gas buffer is produced using high quality materials and gas-resistant foils. The welding work is high-frequency or thermal, depending on the foil type. The production method is ISO-certified and carried out by experienced employees so that Wiefferink can guarantee the highest quality.