Warning; snow and water accumulation!

The combination of a huge amount of snow and the strong wind at the beginning of last week has ensured that many Silocovers and Ecobags are still (partially) packed with snow. Due to the heavy weight and the set-in thaw, the snow melts and water can possibly accumulate, causing potential damage. Wiefferink advises its customers…

Projects Belgium and Germany successfully installed

Just before Christmas we finished some nice projects in Belgium and Germany. Several silocovers were installed successfully just before the new year. Would you like some more information, please contact us by info@wiefferink.nl  

Succesfull installation Ecobag Latvia

Despite the unsecure and difficult times we are in at this moment worldwide, Wiefferink recently finished a nice project in Latvia. This time we installed a 2.500m³ Ecobag to store UAN. Would you like some more information, please contact us by mail info@wiefferink.nl  

TRAS120 Projects installed succesfully by Wiefferink

Since January 2019 legislation for Biogas installations in Germany has become more strict. The new legislation, called TRAS 120, is a recommendation – not an obligation – issued by the German “Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit (BMU)” aimed at increasing the safety at Biogas installations in Germany. As a result of this, the…

Installation Ecobag Poland

Biogas plants are upgrading in Poland! This time we installed a 7.000m³ Ecobag near Toncza in Poland to store the liquid fraction of digestate.