Wytrzymałe zadaszenie silosu

Silocover to skuteczna osłona, która zapobiega uwalnianiu odorów oraz CO2 do atmosfery.

Zapobiega również dostawaniu się wody deszczowej i śniegu do środka silosu. Skuteczny system odprowadzania wody zapobiega korozji ścian zbiorniak.. Jest to skuteczny i ekonomiczny sposób na przykrycie różnego rodzaju silosów.

(beton, stal i plastik).


Wytrzymały produkt o długiej żywotności

Szybka dostawa i montaż

Łatwy obsługa i dostęp serwisowy do mieszadeł i urządzeń wewnątrz zbiornika.

Spełnia najnowsze dyrektywy środowiskowe

Dostosowywany do wymagań zamawiającego

Redukuje emisję odorów do atmosfery

The standard version of the Silocover includes

  • A grey cover of flexible foil, reinforced with straps
  • A central column
  • Inspection opening with rain protection.
  • Edge tube system with tension sets for tightening
  • Installation

Available options

  • Extra inspection opening with rain protection
  • Gas-tight version
  • Green version


  • Covering silos.
  • The gas-tight Silocover can be used for gas storage from manure or waste flows for biogas installations.

Edge tube system with ratches for tensioning

Center column

Silocover on concrete element silo


The silocover by Wiefferink is unique. It has a very long lifespan due to the high-grade materials and innovative production technology used in its manufacture, meaning it is an extremely durable cover for your silo.

In order to contain the emission of hazardous materials, there is a duty to cover stored manure in many European countries. The Silocover is ideal for covering silos. With one or more inspection openings, the mixers often present in the tank can also be maintained. Moreover, rainwater is kept out of a covered silo, so there is no unnecessary volume increase.


In accordance with environmental directives

Every EU member state is currently adjusting its regulations regarding CO2 emissions, making the use of a cover largely necessary or required. This has already been implemented in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Eastern European countries, among others.

Our Silocovers satisfy both environmental legislation and construction-related directives.

Absorbs external forces

The Silocover is manufactured from heavy polyester fabric with a synthetic coating on both sides. As a result, it can withstand manure and other aggressive substances and protects against many years of extreme weather conditions. The Silocover is equipped with an unique system of edge pipes and tension sets, which transfer the forces from the cone to the silo circumference. It is also possible to adjust the tension later. An inspection opening provides access to the silo for maintenance. The Silocover is available in a gas-tight and a non-gas-tight version.

KOMO certified

Odour nuisance and the emission of hazardous substances are minimised by the Silocover. The Wiefferink Silocover has a KOMO certificate and satisfies all statutory requirements.

Installation of the Silocover

The Silocover is delivered ready-to-use. For every silo, the roof construction is calculated based on wind and snowfall values for your location.

Maintenance and lifespan

The Silocover requires very little maintenance; after a large snowfall
the snow must be removed, and the Silocover must be kept at the right tension.